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Britten: Lachrymae
Péter Bársony (viola), János Palojtay (piano)

Farkas: Sonata a due
Péter Bársony (viola), Miklós Perényi (cello)

Krenek: Sonata, Op. 117
Péter Bársony (viola), József Balog (piano)

Ligeti: Solo Sonata for Viola – 1. Hora lunga
Péter Bársony (viola)

Schulhoff: Hot Sonata
Péter Bársony (viola), József Balog (piano)

Eötvös Péter: Désaccord
Péter Bársony, Wenting Kang (viola)


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Brahms: Lerchengesang
Viola Sonata
Schumann: Märchenbilder, Op. 113
Schumann: Märchenerzählungen, Op. 132
György Kurtág: Hommage à R. Sch., Op. 15d

Gábor Varga (clarinet),  Péter Bársony (viola), Izabella Simon (piano)

Released recordings:


Haydn: String Quartet in D minor, Op. 76/2, Hob. III:76 (arranged by Noémi Győri)
Mozart: Flute Quartet No. 1 in D major, K. 285
Haydn: String Quartet in D major, Op. 76/5, Hob. III:79 (arranged by Noémi Győri)
Mozart: Flute Quartet No. 3 in C major, K. 285b

Noémi Győri (flute), Katalin Kokas (violin), Péter Bársony (viola), Dóra Kokas (cello)

By the early 19th century, Joseph Haydn (1732-1809) and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791) had already become the classical composers and the greatest composers of the classical music world. Their compositions were widely known and appreciated from the beginning of their careers and they are still revered among the greatest composers of our time. The quartets on this album also stand out from the rich crop of chamber music works by these two masters: they are characterised by exuberant energy, varied colour and imaginative musical ideas.

Hungaroton, HCD 32832 (2021)

Ferenc Farkas:
Notturno for Violin, Viola and Cello, Op. 2
3 Pieces for Flute, Cello and Harpsichord
Prélude et chaconne égarée for Two Violins, Viola d’Amore and Cello
Minuti for Baritone and Cello
Sonata a due for Viola and Cello
3 Songs for Baritone and Cello
Dialoghi for Flute and Cello
Trio for Violin, Cello and Piano

Gábor Bretz (baritone), Veronika Oross (flute), Kristóf Baráti, Eszter Lesták Bedő (violin), Péter Bársony (viola, viola d’amore), Miklós Perényi (cello), Miklós Spányi (harpsichord), Balázs Szokolay (piano)

Toccata Classics continues its release of the music of Hungarian composer Ferenc Farkas (1905-2000) with the second disc of his chamber works for cello. As with the previous albums in the series, these works share the characteristics that make Farkas’ music so appealing: catchy melodies, pervasive textures, dynamic rhythms, and a reverence for Baroque forms and folk music.

Johannes Brahms:
Sonata for Viola and Piano in E-flat major, Op. 120/2
Two Songs for Voice Viola and Piano, Op. 91
Sonata for Viola and Piano in F minor, Op. 120/1

Péter Bársony (viola), Ildikó Komlósi (alto), Péter Frankl (piano)

Brahms’ viola sonatas, composed in the last years of his life, have become a mainstay of the instrument’s repertoire. “They can be considered ‘true romantic viola sonatas’, reflecting the rich and emotional musical world of the elder Brahms. Two Songs with Viola and Piano pays tribute to the composer’s friendship with the celebrated violinist Joseph Joachim. The recording features the world-famous pianist Péter Frankl and opera singer Ildikó Komlósi, a favourite with audiences in the most prestigious concert halls.

Hungaroton, HCD 32808 (2018)


Jenő Hubay:
Violin Concerto, Op. 20 • Two Pieces, Op. 38 • Une conte, Op. 15, No. 1 • Two Pieces, Op. 87 • Romance, Op. 25 • Ballade et Humoreske, Op. 104 (reconstructed version by Lajos Huszár) • Elegie, Op. 14, No. 1 • Mosaique – Ten Pieces, Op. 49 • 6 Poèmes hongrois, Op. 27

Péter Bársony (viola), Márta Gulyás (piano)
Erkel Chamber Orchestra, conductor: Gergely Vajda

A complete recording of hitherto unknown viola works by the world-famous Hungarian violinist, teacher and composer Jenő Hubay. Among the pieces are the Romantic Viola Concerto – almost unique in the literature of the instrument – and several Romantic viola-piano works from the turn of the century. The recording features Péter Bársony (viola), Márta Gulyás (piano), the enlarged Erkel Ferenc Chamber Orchestra and Gergely Vajda conducting.

Hungaroton, HCD 32626 (2010)


Ödön Pártos:
Viola Concerto No. 1 (‘Song of Praise’)
Violin Concerto
Shiluvim (Fusions)

Vilmos Szabadi (violin), Péter Bársony (viola)
Telekom Symphony Orchestra, conductor: András Ligeti

Viola player, teacher, composer Ödön Pártos, one of the most important musical personalities of the twentieth century, has been almost completely forgotten. Yet he was one of the most important exponents of the Hubay and Kodály schools abroad. This world premiere recording features his Viola Concerto, Violin Concerto and Fusions for viola and orchestra.

Hungaroton, HCD32450 (2007)


Richard Strauss:
Don Quixote

Péter Bársony (viola), István Varga (cello)
Matáv Symphony Orchestra, conductor: András Ligeti

Live concert recording.
The recording was made in the Great Hall of the Liszt Academy.



Tommaso Giordani:
Flute Trio in D major, Op. 12/1
Flute Trio in G major, Op. 12/2
Flute Trio in D major, Op. 12/3
Flute Trio in G major, Op. 12/4
Flute Trio in C major, Op. 12/5
Flute Trio in F major, Op. 12/6

Orsolya Kaczander (flute), Péter Bársony (viola), Péter Szabó (cello)

This world premiere recording features six flute-viola-cello trios by Tommaso Giordani, a composer who is now almost unknown but was popular in his day.

(Hungaroton, HCD 32498)


Joseph Haydn:
Sonata No. 1. F major, Hob. VI:1
Sonata No. 2. A major, Hob. VI:2
Sonata No. 3. B major, Hob. VI:3
Sonata No. 4. D major, Hob. VI:4
Sonata No. 5. Esz major, Hob. VI:5
Sonata No. 6. C major, Hob. VI:6

Vilmos Szabadi (violin), Péter Bársony (viola)

First urtext recording of Joseph Haydn’s violin/viola duets.
The disc has been praised by several major international music magazines (Strad, Gramophone, Monde de la Musique).

(Hungaroton, HCD 32361)


Carl Stamitz:
Duo in F major
Duo in C major, Op. 19/1
Duo in D major, Op. 19/2
Duo in E-flat major, Op. 19/3
Duo in A major, Op. 19/4
Duo in F major, Op. 19/5
Duo in D major, Op. 19/6

Vilmos Szabadi (violin), Péter Bársony (viola)

World premiere recording of Carl Stamitz’s violin-viola duos.

(Hungaroton, HCD 32282)


Carl Stamitz:
Duo in C major, Op. 10/1
Duo in A major, Op. 10/2
Divertimento in A major, Op. 34/1
Divertimento in D major, Op. 34/2
Divertimento in D major, Op. 34/3
Divertimento in C major, Op. 34/4
Divertimento in E-flat major, Op. 34/5
Divertimento in G major, Op. 34/6
Duo in C major

Vilmos Szabadi (violin), Péter Bársony (viola)

World premiere recording of Carl Stamitz’s violin-viola duos.

(Hungaroton, HCD 32453)


Dohnányi & Mosonyi:
String Sextets

Budapest Sextet: Béla Bánfalvi, Zoltán Bánfalvi (violin), László Bársony, Péter Bársony (viola), Csaba Onczay, Zoltán Onczay (cello)

A world premier recording of the unknown, romantic string sextets of Ernst von Dohnányi and Mihály Mosonyi performed by fathers and sons.

(Hungaroton, HCD 32300)


In Memoriam:
Quartets and Quintet

Orsolya Kaczander (flute), Lajos Lencsés (oboe), Vilmos Szabadi (violin), Péter Bársony (viola), Péter Szabó (cello)

A world premier recording of Ignaz Pleyel’s Quartets and Quintet for oboe, flute, violin, viola and cello, performed by well-known Hungarian musicians.

(Hungaroton, HCD 32572)


In Memoriam

Works of Pál Budai, Elemér Gyulai, György Justus, Sándor Kuti, Sándor Vándor, László Weiner

Bernadett Wiedemann (mezzo-soprano), Márta Gulyás, Emese Mali (piano), Vilmos Szabadi (violin), Péter Bársony (viola), Ditta Rohmann (cello)

A world premier recording of works by Hungarian composer victims of the Holocaust edited by Péter Bársony.

(Hungaroton, HCD 32597)


Luigi Boccherini:
Quartets, Quintets

Gergely Ittzés (flute), László Hadady (oboe), Márta Ábrahám (violin), Péter Bársony (viola), Ditta Rohmann (cello)

The world premier recording of Luigi Boccherini quartets and quintets for flute, oboe and strings.

(Hungaroton, HCD 32695)